New European Works Council agreement for Belgian transmission company ELIA

(6 September 2013) A new EWC agreement has been signed for the Belgian transmission company ELIA. EPSU affiliate Gazelco participated in the negotiations. An important characteristic of this EWC is that it is a joint body including 8 management representatives. The Steering Committee has 4 workers’ representatives and 3 management representatives.

ELIA is a majority publicly-owned company. The main shareholder is the Belgian municipal holding company Publi-T. The Elia Group hold 60% of the shares of Eurogrid International together with the investment fund IFM->]. This is an Australian investment fund set up by 30 Australian pensionfunds. Together they bought the transmission network 50H from Vattenfall. The EWC covers Belgian and German companies.

The agreement for European Employee Information and Consultation within the Elia Group:

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