Negotiations started for a European agreement on Health and Safety in Suez Environment

(14 March 2014) Following the split-off of Suez Environment from GdF-Suez, the Suez Environment management approached EPSU and industriAll Europe to open negotiations on reaching a European agreement on Health and Safety for Suez Environment. This is part of the transposition of the existing GdF-Suez agreements to Suez Environment.

EPSU received a mandate by its affiliated unions to start these negotiations and composed a Special Negotiation Body. First negotiation round was held on 20 February, in which information was exchanged and the Suez management proposed their changes to the existing agreement. Next round is on 27 March and a final meeting is foreseen for 10 April.

The GdF-Suez agreement on health and safety forms the basis for these negotiations. This agreement is available here.