Negotiations on intersectoral agreement on telework kick off


(26 September 2022) The delegations of the ETUC and the intersectoral employers of BusinessEurope, Small and Mediumsized Enterprises United and Services of General Interest Europe met for the first time on 22 September. It was the start of the negotiations on an intersectoral agreement on telework. This agreement could apply to all workers. During this first session unions and employer representatives presented national agreements. They received the latest information from the European Commission regarding case law of relevance on the working time directive, on health and safety directives, and social security.  The first bargaining round will take place 5 October.

The aim is to update the existing voluntary agreement and make it binding through a European directive. EPSU is a member of the ETUC delegation.

We expect the recent agreement between the unions and employers

in Central government administrations will be an inspiration for the delegations. It addresses telework and the right to disconnect amongst others. This agreement follows the guide on worklife balance and the do and do nots on digitalisation (2019)  and 2 years of negotiations.

For more telework agreements see the Eurofound study