On the National Day of Hungarian Culture, Hungarian workers in the cultural sector demand better pay!

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(22 January 2020) Today, the National Day of Hungarian Culture, EPSU affiliates KKDSZ are holding a demonstration to protest  the unacceptable low level of pay across the culture sector and the lack of any pay increase for their members for over 10 years.

Holding the demonstration on this celebrated day highlights the significant disparity between the government's rhetoric, which promotes national culture and heritage, and its refusal to support the workers who are essential for preserving that culture and heritage.

KKDSZ organised a petition which demands immediate wage negotiation between union representatives and the government, and a pay increase. The petition will be handed over to the Minister today. KKDSZ also demands the government to get involved in a proper process of collective bargaining with the union. EPSU stands in solidarity with all those who are demonstrating, and fully supports their demands.