Mobilisation over jobs and working conditions in non-profit sector in Belgium

(28 March 2014) Unions organising in the non-profit sector in French speaking community demonstrated in Brussels on 27 March to argue for further investment in the sector which includes many key health and social services. The unions, with the support of some employers, are concerned that the government doesn’t recognise the contribution that the sector makes not just in terms of vital services but also to the economy as a whole. The fact that the non-profit sector doesn’t clearly feature in government plans leaves the unions concerned about cutback that will lead to job cuts, worsening employment conditions, closure of institutions and deteriorating quality of service. More than 2000 workers joined the demonstration. EPSU participated to the demonstration with a small delegation. Read more (in FR) at the webpages of Belgian EPSU members - [SETCa->] - [CNE Non-Marchand->]
You can also have a look at - the poster
and the main demands
addressed to Belgian governments.

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