Member States: invest in the social recovery too

social services network joint logos call recovery and resilience fund

(19 April 2021) EPSU, together with 12 other European Networks with responsibility for social services, invite Member States to use the EU Budget and the Recovery and Resilience Fund to help those who have been hit hardest by the crisis, namely workers and users of social services.
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the provision of essential care and support to millions of people in Europe, affecting the quality of life and human rights enjoyment of the millions supported. This has been particularly visible in nursing homes but has also had a devastating impact on many other forms of social support. We must also remember the hard work of the over 11 million professionals -5% of the EU workforce- involved in social service provision across the continent, often in very difficult conditions and putting their own health at risk.

The EU Budget and the Recovery and Resilience Facility provide opportunities for Member States to invest in social services and build up their resilience. However, this is not necessarily being the case at the moment, also due to lack of consultation with social partners. Therefore, we call on Member States and the European institutions to change direction and take full advantage of the opportunities the EU programmes create to invest significantly in the recovery and resilience of social care, social services and social support in Europe. This is necessary to ensure no one is left behind.