McCreevy urged to correct European Commission pro-PPP bias

(September 2, 2005, Brussels ) EPSU today urged European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Charlie McCreevy to take concrete measures to correct the 'pro-Public Private Partnership (PPP)' bias in the European Commission. (see letter attached). One of the key messages was to say that the EU needs to develop a coherent approach to PPPs, based on a real assessment of their costs and benefits. EPSU is highly critical of the Commission's analysis of the responses to the consultation exercise, published in May 2005. The subsequent conclusions ignores completely EPSU's (and others') call for a broader assessment of PPPs. There is not even acknowledgement that various parts of the European Commission deal with PPPs and this in itself merits a horizontal approach. In response to the Commission proposal that a PPP Agency be established at EU level, the Federation states that EPSU has continually proposed that a EU agency/observatory on public services should be set up. The key question is not 'what is good for PPP's?' but 'what is the best way to provide quality public services'? EPSU continues to build alliances and gain support for the Observatory on Public Services proposal.

- EPSU letter to the Commissioner Charlie McCreevy on PPPs