Materials for 23rd June 2022 World public service day

For quality public service

Please find here the materials: 


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As in previous year, we want to use 23 June, the UN Public Services Day to draw attention to our demands for quality public services and underline our work together. Together we can make the European action on 23 June a success.

The United Nations declared the 23 June international Public Service Day. We celebrate the contribution of public service workers to our communities. Our members make it possible for people to enjoy their human rights, like to health, to water, to care, to good public administration and so much more.

It’s only a week ahead now!

Key messages for 23 June:

  • Celebrate public service workers and the contribution they make to our communities.

  • Higher pay and better working conditions for workers. We deserve a pay increase.

  • No to austerity! No to privatisation and no commercialisation

  1. Like last year, we ask each union to take 4-5 pictures with different groups of workers and members at the workplace (in work clothes) together with the common logo and For Quality Public Services (in your language). Examples can be found here:

  2. These pictures can be taken in the days leading up to the 23rd of June.

  3. The actions can be linked to your actions and demands for more staffing, higher pay and better working conditions. Many of you are in difficult negotiations, we suggest to build the 23 June as part of your actions. The aim is to make our joint work and joint positions visible as part of our public service unions’ struggle across all countries in Europe. The form of the action is flexible and does allow thousands of workers to join in even with restrictive measures due to the pandemic.

  4. For those unions that are engaging in industrial action, work stoppages or even strikes on 23 June (or days before or shortly after) please let us know so we can assist in amplifying the message and underline that Europe’s public service workers are mobilising around common demands.

  5. With the Belgian unions and FNV we are organising an action in Brussels in front of the European Parliament to meet Members of the European Parliament and other organisations to show solidarity and support for public services workers.

  6. Italian and Romanian affiliates have organised also events here  and here

  7. CFDT has an exhibition in Paris

  8. You can find the official statement of EPSU for 23 June here (in EN/FR/DE/ES/SV/RU)

  9. Please use this hashtag #publicservicesday in all social media networks.

  10. The week after PSI is organising a broad public debate online together with other organisations.  These events will be open.

  11. Mette Nord and Jan Willem Goudriaan have done an opinion piece, please find it here (Word) or here (PDF) in EN.  Other languages: FRDE - ESIT - SV - RU - BCS  

We have a created a series of logos that can be customised to be used around the date of June 23rd in trade union events, pickets, online events and office or workplace photos. With a message that EPSU will share on social media together with the local affiliates. Please find them here: Materials for 23rd June 2022 World public service day | EPSU

These photos or videos can be sent to us via WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal to the following number 0032 471572674 or email to Pablo Sanchez [email protected] and Catherine Boeckx [email protected]

Please do not hesitate to share the info with as many individual members using those channels.

For further information please contact Pablo Sanchez [email protected] or Chloe Kenny c[email protected].

Together we are stronger…

In Solidarity,

Jan Willem Goudriaan
EPSU General Secretary