Mass demonstration in Prague against governmental anti-social reforms

(19 April 2012) On Saturday 21 April a mass demonstration against anti-social reforms will take place. Organisers demand the government's resignation as well as the call for early elections. Led by trade unions and together with more than 20 civil initiatives, NGOs, including organizations representing patients, pensioners, unemployed, as well as university students, demonstrators will protest against the current living and working conditions in the Czech Republic. The main demands are abolish the antisocial drastic reforms on the health, welfare, pensions and other sensitive areas that the government is pushing. Organisers also ask to the government to end the destruction of public services and preparation of their privatization. If the government fails to do so, they should immediately resign and early elections should be announced! The demonstration in Prague will be a national protest, the train tickets for Prague are already sold-out for Saturday and trade unions have prepared special buses for participants all across the country. The demonstrations will be the culmination of a week of protests under the slogan “STOP GOVERNMENT”. Since Monday the 16th of April, local demos have been held across the whole Republic, petitions and various discussions, for example on the role of unions in society and the Czech Republic after the reforms. EPSU salutes the struggle of Czech people against blind austerity measures and asks its affiliates to send messages of solidarity. To send the messages of solidarity : [>] And cc [>]

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