Looking for real transparency – an open letter to the European Commission's Chief Scientist

(21 October 2013) EPSU is part of the Alter-EU coalition that strives for more transparency of lobbying in EU policy. The below is another incredible story of how the EU institutions are captured by corporate interests that seek to weaken EU regulation that protects EU citizens, workers and the environment. CEO has recorded many of such instances that also confront EPSU and public service workers for example in energy policy expert groups or the Good Tax governance platform, which are dominated by corporate interests.

October 17th 2013

A corporate attack on the precautionary principle, and an appeal to Mrs Anne Glover's transparency commitments

Mrs Glover,

In today’s Financial Times, an interesting "Innovation and Economy" report features two remarkable pieces.
The first one, entitled Government in danger of stifling bright ideas, is written by an FT journalist and quotes extensively from an open letter that the chief executives of twelve multinational corporations1 sent today to the presidents of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.

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