Local authorities unions and employers discuss well-being at work

"There is a developer in everyone." This was one of the affirmations made at a workshop on well-being at work organised in Zagreb 8 June 2016 by the social partners in local and regional government. The workshop emphasized the benefits of the active involvement of workers and trade unions in the planning, implementation and evaluation of health and safety programmes and work processes more generally. Background research and case studies prepared for the workshop meeting highlighted good practices in this area, for example from Finland where the social partners are involved in the ‘Kunteko’ initiative to improve long-term productivity and innovation in local and regional government. The Finnish initiative, which is part of the national health and safety programme for 2020, aims to do this through a series of actions throughout the country to promote well-being, capacity and skills. Increasingly research shows that well-being and the 'social relationships of every individual' are key to promoting quality work and services and bringing out the ‘developer in everyone’. Social partners need to more actively promote well-being and good health. They also need to be particularly attentive during restructuring processes as research increasingly shows that long-term health can be damaged. Health impact assessments of the possible consequences of restructuring are one instrument to support the social partners identify the risks, which can be greater for certain groups.

The workshop is one of a series of events looking at new forms of service delivery for municipalities. A final report will be produced in the autumn.

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