Local and Regional Governments Social Dialogue committee adopts joint reaction to consultation on fair minimum wages

Local and Regional government  social dialogue committee 25 February 2020

(25 feb 2020)  In its first meeting in 2020, the Social dialogue Committee adopted a joint reaction on fair minimum wages, as part of the first-stage consultation of social partners on Fair Minimum Wages in the EU. The paper expresses the Committee support to the objectives of upward wage convergence and shared economic prosperity across the EU, gender pay equality and sustainable funding of social protection systems and outlines some principles that the Committee consider fundamental for the future of this initiative, namely the importance of collective bargaining and the non discrimination among public, private and non-profit sectors. The Committee also insists on the importance of Social Partners consultation and reiterates its interest in being fully involved in the future phases.

During the meeting, the Committee also discussed about the recent EC Communication on a Stronger Social Europe, expressed its interest in following up on the Socially Responsible Public Procurement initiatives, debriefed about the project “Localising the EU Semester”that was closed recently  and started planning for the actions of its new capacity building project “EU Dialogue, Local Solutions”.

The Trade Union delegation also took part in a rally organized by ETUC to call for an ambitious directive on gender pay transparency.