Local and Regional Government Social Dialogue preparing to negotiate digitalisation guidelines

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(22 April 2024) On 8 April 2024, the Local and Regional Government Social Dialogue Committee met for its first meeting of the year. Social Partners agreed to publish a joint statement on the negative impact of the proposed fiscal rules on local and regional governments and advanced in their discussions on the future negotiations of sectoral guidelines on digitalisation.

There will be the outcome of the project Local Social Digital that LRG Social Partners are finalising, after one seminar in Italy and one in Estonia. Two more webinars will be held in the next months, to focus on specific topics to be included in the guidelines, before the start of the negotiations.

EPSU and CEMR also insisted on the necessity of the support from the European Commission for a functioning European Social Dialogue and exchanged on the Val Duchesse summit and the upcoming La Hulpe summit.

Finally the negotiators involved in the revision of the guidelines on third party violence and harassment reported back on the progress of the negotiation and the next steps.