Lobbying on 'winter package' for a democractic and transparent energy market

(26 June 2017) In November 2016, the European Commission presented the "Clean Energy for all Europeans" package. The proposed Regulation on the internal market in electricity (recast), contains numerous new proposals related to the functioning and role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

The European Commission proposes creating a regulatory body at EU level to better promote cooperation between DSOs and TSOs (Transmission Distribution System Operators), ensure intra-sectoral coordination, integrate renewable energy and elaborate network codes.

Our main demands are:

  • Guarantee principle of subsidiarity concerning the scope of competencies assigned to the new regulatory EU DSO entity
  • Ensure appropriate and non-discriminatory representation of small and municipal DSOs, including vertically integrated ones (e.g. to prevent abuse of dominance by large private companies)
  • Clarify the division of competencies between DSOs and TSOs (and their regulatory bodies)
  • Adequately involve worker representatives in creation and operation of the new EU DSO entity, since their expertise is a valuable asset to ensure proper market functioning in a social market economy context. Transparency and stakeholder representation needs to be ensured in an advisory council.

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