"Lobbying the EU by Committee" - new CEO briefing

New briefing shows how corporations use Commission expert groups Corporate Observatory Europe, like EPSU a member of Alter-EU coalition that argues for more transperency of lobbyists, has produced a new briefing on the many committees that exist in the EU and whose expenses are very often paid by the European Commission. Corporations and corporate interests dominate these committees. CEO says:" Unknown to most citizens, a large part of European Union legislation is being drafted and fine-tuned by literally thousands of unknown and hardly accountable expert groups, advisory committees and working groups. Industry lobbyists, for whom European Commission expert groups are a major focus, often succeed in getting a seat or a position of dominance within these opaque but powerful bodies. For too long this large and critical part of the EU decision-making process has remained pretty much in the dark. Following intense pressure from the European Parliament, the European Commission may finally accede to demands for improved transparency over its expert groups. CEO's briefing "Lobbying the EU by Committee" is online at: http://www.corporateeurope.org/lobbyingbycommittee.html