The lobby power of Big Tech in the European Union – and the need to reign them in

The lobby network - Big Tech's web of influence in the EU

(10 September 2021)  The European Commission has proposed a number of important instruments to shape digitalisation in the European Union. These are the target of the big technological firms like Amazon, Google and Facebook to ensure new regulations do not harm their business model. Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) has published new research that shows the extend of that lobbying. EPSU, CEO and others are part of a coalition to end the toxic business model that threatens to undermine our democracy. We want the that EU regulation to be in the interest of people and society.

On the table are proposals of the European Commission for a Digital Market Act, Digital Service Act, Artificial intelligence Act, e-Identity and many more that together are part of the so called Digital Decade. The new report underlines a vast network of Big Tech lobbying. They spend “record-breaking sums of money to delay or weaken EU regulations on key issues such as data privacy, countering misinformation, protecting democratic values, and cracking down on monopolies.” It is estimated that the digital industry spends close to €100 million on lobbying the EU.

EPSU has joined a group of organisations to convince Members of the European Parliament to step up in their efforts to prevent regulation is shaped in the interest of the companies rather than workers and our communities.

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