Leaked EU energy road map 2050 – A shameless affair

(27 October 2011) Several newspapers reported on the leaked documents that set out the European Commission’s ideas about the possible paths to reach emission reductions of close to 100% for the European power sector in 2050. EPSU reported on these reports on [http://twitter.com/energyunions->http://twitter.com/energyunions]. But the documents were not to be found on the internet. To prevent that only corporations and other energy lobby groups have them, we got copies and make them available in the public interest. This will allow informed debate to take place. We recognise that these documents are not final and the wording might change. They are in the internal Commission consultation. The Communication provides an analysis of several scenarios and what the possible effects can be, such as rising electricity prices. The Communication is devoid of any social content, and analysis of the impact on jobs, skills and qualifications. Just transition principles, or the role of the social dialogue are all not addressed. Addressing energy poverty is not something DG energy is concerned with. The Commission [reduces Europe’s citizens to consumers-> http://register.consilium.europa.eu/pdf/en/10/st16/st16300.en10.pdf] losing sight of the [inherent problems there are regarding the power-sector->http://www.epsu.org/a/3189]. See also the report on the [results of a conference on energy poverty->art7084] As there are many documents we put here : - The draft Communication
- The Memorandum
- The Impact Assessment Summary