A landmark EPSU Youth seminar

Sesimbra 16-18 September 2013 - The fifth meeting of the EPSU youth network had the participation of representatives from Sweden, Belarus, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Hungary and Lithuania. The event was an EPSU-ETUI youth seminar. Presentations of the work of young workers and their organisations was made by Finnish and Italian representatives. Kurt Vandaele , researcher from the ETUI, presented his survey about 'Young workers and their representation in the trade union's that will have as an objective to study the perception of young trade unionists of the trade union structures . The participants filled the survey and the entire network will received the same survey that will be the basis for further discussions and debates in the wider European trade about trade union about renewal. Several presentations about the European Union youth employment policy, the Youth Guarantee and the framework of actions on youth employment (Toolkit for promotion and dissemination) were made. Second day of the event dealt with a presentation of EPSU congress and the issues that the Congress document will discuss on youth employment. Participants debated about the possibility of the network to draft their own resolution. Sandra Vermuyten PSI youth officer made a presentation about the priorities of PSI on young workers after the PSI congress in Durban. The meeting ended up with the proposals to work on a day of action working with other ETUFs and youth organisations and to continue to improve the coordination. Last but not least, the participants wished Jean- Claude le Douaron a nice retirement since this was his last youth training event. [More on this seminar->http://fc.runo.se/~jel/epsu_youth_2013/]