Kommunal Congress expresses support for Ukrainian workers and elects new President

Kommunal congress no to war Ukraine solidarity

(1st June 2022) Delegates of Swedish largest union Kommunal gathered in Gothenburg for their Congress, 31 May to 3 June. Among the themes of the Congress were a renewed working time policy (more grip of workers on working time schedules, an ambitious reduction of working time), organising (the union wants to grow to 600.000 members), the welfare state (privatisation is wrecking havoc), wages, health and safety and many more. With 1537 amendments delegates are working late in the evening to get all business done. 

Congress took a moment to send greetings to the Ukrainian trade unions and workers, sending a strong message together in solidarity and support.  Congress elected its a new President Malin Ragnegard and the EPSU General Secretary extended his congratulations.

Another important issues was the forthcoming elections in September in which the union movement wants the social-democrats to do well and invest in public services and the welfare state.

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