Just Transition Steering Committee 4th meeting

(11 October 2010) The latest draft of the study was presented by Syndex and the first draft of the outcome of the survey, interviews and toolkit by David Tarren of Adapt.

Discussion concentrated on how best to combine the research (an overview of existing studies plus evaluating the employment consequences), the surveys (to which over 40 companies, unions and work place representatives responded, covering large parts of the EU) and the inverviews (with representatives of 5 major companies and unions).

It was decided to go for one single document which should indicate the main issues as arising from the study, from the survey and from the inverviews and then linking these with examples of how companies and unions are seeking to address these issues.

Several practical issues were also considered such as the need for a data source book. A next meeting is foreseen for end of October with a Conference for 13 December.

The meeting took place on 4 October 2010 Brussels. EPSU was represented by the Deputy general secretary and Susanne Senica, Verdi.

- Documents are available here (for our members only).