Joint statement: Labour inspectors need protection, support and respect

joint statement eurocadres-epsu labour inspectors

(23 May 2024) EPSU and Eurocadres have launched a joint statement calling for European action to address the growing crisis faced by labour inspectors in Europe. Eurocadres and EPSU having a longstanding tradition of fighting for the rights of these workers, our efforts will centre on securing guarantees for labour inspectors no matter where they work in the next European mandate.

Labour inspectors provide an indispensable public service, playing a crucial role in safeguarding workplaces and workers, while holding employers and companies accountable when failing to uphold safety standards. The work performed by labour inspectorates is critical to the successful implementation of European and national legislation. In many countries, the deterioration of labour inspectorates has led to a reduction of inspections at the workplace and an increase in the number of occupational accidents, making it difficult to carry out preventive measures including in relation to pandemic levels of burn-outs.

While new forms of work have contributed to these issues, chronic underfunding is the key issue facing labour inspectorates. The 2008 financial crisis led to a critical lack of human resources and material resources across public services – and the EU’s new fiscal rules are likely to further exacerbate the situation. Support, training and protection also remain critical factors.

The joint statement can be found in full here in EN,  SP  and IT

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