Joint Social Partner Conference on Climate Change, Employment impact and Just Employment Transition Principles for the European Electricity Sector

EMCEF / EPSU / EURELECTRIC 13 December 2010, ETF (European Transport Federation), 1000 Brussels
- [Short report of the meeting->art7118]
Presentations: - AUMAYR Christine, Eurofound
- BIELSKA Agnieszka, EC, Unit D2. European Employment Strategy, CSR, Local Development
- POUPARD Jean-François, SYNDEX
- David Tarren, ADAPT International
- Rudy Delarue, ILO {to be posted}
- Final Joint Study EPSU/EURELECTRIC/EMCEF: 'Towards a low carbon electricity industry: employment effects & opportunities for the social partners' (ADAPT International/Syndex)
- [more languages->art7234] (FR/DE/ES/TR/RU)
This project receives financial support from the European Commission
- invitation letter
- UPDATED Draft programme
- Practical details
- map "how to find the ETF offices" & hotels list