Joint recommendations on how to deal with EWC/SE negotiations during the COVID-19 crisis

ETUFs logo joint recommendations 2nd version EWC SE on COVID-19

(21 April 2020) During this unprecedented global crisis, trade unions from all over Europe are acting united to ensure COVID-19 does not put jobs and incomes in jeopardy! In the face of so much uncertainty, worker involvement through information, consultation and participation is more important than ever. EPSU and the other European Trade Union Federations are therefore publishing joint recommendations and guidelines to assist with workers’ consultation and participation in decision making.

Following the COVID-19 Joint European Trade Union Federations’ Recommendations to European Works Coincils/Societas Europaea Coordinators and worker representatives published a few weeks ago, the EPSU and the European Trade Union Federations have now published a second set of recommendations on how to deal with EWC/SE negotiations during the COVID-19 crisis. As the negotiations will establish each party’s duties and responsibilities for the years to come, it is of the upmost importance that EWC/SE negotiations are properly conducted during these exceptional circumstances.

Amongst other things, it is essential that no EWC/SE negotiation meeting should take place via phone or videoconference. Instead, meetings should be postponed until face-to-face meetings are once more allowed. You can find the full list of recommendations attached translated into different languages. For anyone currently involved in EWC negotiations (or a member of a Special Negotiating Body), we strongly encourage you to take them into consideration and to get in touch with Guillaume Durivaux at [email protected] if you face any problem.

See the updated recommendations - 26 October 2020