Joint PR from the network for sustainable development in public procurement - key demands and messages

Joint press release on the occasion of the European Commission’s Conference “Modernising public procurement” 30 June 2011


(30 June 2011) The Network for Sustainable Development in Public Procurement (EPSU, GMB, UNISON, EMF, EFFAT, EFBWW, SOLIDAR, EFTA, Fairtrade International, WFTO-Europe, FERN, EMCEF, Ver.di, TUC, ENSIE, UNI Europa, Setem, and NETWORKWEAR) on the occasion of the European Commission’s Conference “modernising public procurement” on 30 June 2011 reiterate their ‘five key demands’ for the revision of the procurement Directives.

These demands call for public procurement to contribute to a socially sustainable economy that focuses on quality employment, decent work, international labour standards, fair trade, environmental and sustainability objectives rather than just the existence of an internal market.

In the ‘key demands’ the Network stresses that when public authorities buy sustainable products and services this contributes to the EU objectives of sustainable development and the EU 2020 strategy. Value for money/best value in public contracting is not achieved by going for lowest price - it is achieved only when wider social, ethical and environmental benefits are given clear weight in public procurement decisions.

The Network expect the follow up to the Green Paper on public procurement to take this on board.

Read the ‘five demands’ & the EPSU response:
- Key demands (EN/DE) & EPSU response

The Network’s contribution to the procurement debate builds on earlier work on the inconsistencies between internal market policies influencing public procurement and wider social and sustainability policy objectives and commitments of the EU. Read the Evaluation in English, French, German, Swedish and Russian

For more information please contact:
EFBWW – European Federation of building and woodworkers Contact: Werner Buelens
EFFAT – European Federation of Food Agriculture and Tourism Contact: Kerstin Howald
EFTA - European Fair Trade Association
FLO - Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International
WFTO-E - World Fair Trade Organization - Europe
EMCEF- Europen Mine, Energy and Chemical Workers ‘Federation Contact: Reinhard Reibsch
EMF – European Metal Workers Contact: Judith Kirton-Darling
ENSIE - Contact: Patrizia Bussi EPSU – European Public Service Unions Contact: Penny Clarke
FERN – Contact Veerle Dossche
GMB – British Trade Union (Multi-sector) Contact: Kathleen Walker Shaw NETWORKWEAR - Contact: Ramon Vives Xiol
SETEM – Contact: Ramon Vives -
SOLIDAR – Contact – Conny Reuter
TUC – British Trades Union Congress Contact: Tim Page
UNI Europa – Contact: Laila Castaldo -
UNISON –British Public Sector Trade Union Contact: Margie Jaffe
ver.di United Services Union
VER.DI Contact Armin Duttine – * * *