Joint EPSU - CEMR Press Release: High level Conference 'A new start for social dialogue' 4 March 2015

“Trusting and involving social partners: a win-win solution to build a social dialogue adapted to the challenges”

(Brussels, 4 March 2015) The 5 March High-Level Summit 2015 is expected to be a new step for the European social dialogue with the organisation of the High level conference ‘A new start for social dialogue’, hosted by the European Commission.

CEMR and EPSU, as the most representative organisations for Local and Regional Governments as employers and for their workers’ trade unions, welcome this initiative, in line with the commitment of the President Juncker to be the “President of social dialogue”. The Social Partners are willing to engage with the European Commission on this path through the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Local and Regional Governments (SDC on LRG).

The SDC on LRG has demonstrated its useful experience and calls on the European Commission to exploit its potential and harness its expertise by increasing its involvement and enhancing its role in all the areas and processes which have an impact on employers and employees in local and regional governments.

As a legitimate and reliable intermediary between Local and Regional Governments and the European institutions, the SDC on LRG is an irreplaceable key partnership instrument to address and tackle the issues directly linked to social dialogue.

Re-launching social dialogue requires leaning on and associating trustful social partners in the decision-making process: the SDC on LRG is ready to work hand in hand with the European Commission to create a win-win partnership dedicated to social progress, economic sustainability and quality of life. A comprehensive social dialogue must also leave room for manoeuver for collective bargaining and ensure consultation at an early stage.

In that regard, mutual trust and responsibility are prerequisites to meet the growing needs and expectations of employers and employees across the EU. There is no time left for empty, outdated or unfulfilled promises and the SDC on LRG will judge by deeds and not by words, as demanding but constructive partners determined to accompany the European Commission to elaborate concrete actions leading to genuine results.

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