Joint declaration Romanian and Italian unions in Enel (30 June 2004)

The European energy sector changes rapidly. It was one of the main topics of discussion at the EPSU Congress, 14 - 17 June 2004, Stockholm, Sweden. Europe`s trade unions adopted a Declaration on International Solidarity in an Integrated Industry. All unions signed the symbolically pledging to uphold trade union rights and to support each other in the case of conflict with employers many of which are now active in more European countries.

One of these company is the Italian electricity company ENEL which has bought two electricity distribution companies: Dobrogea and Banat, in Romania, June 2004 The Italian and Romanian unions, organising workers in Enel and Electrica met to consider the consequences for workers and citizens.

A meeting took place of representatives of Univers, Energia Mileniului III, CISL - FLAEI, CGIL - FNLE and EPSU Secretariat.

We agreed:

- to monitor the process of the sale of companies and the consequences for the workers and their unions concerned;
- to exchange information on collective agreement and human resource practices.
- to consider the establishment of a European Works Council for Enel, which also operates in Spain;
- to assist each other in case of conflict with the common employer Enel;
- to uphold the principles of public service, also in the privatised industry.

The unions will develop a trade union partnership and agree to strengthen their cooperation.

Aurelian Vancea, President of Univers: Enel is the first foreign owner in the Romanian electricity sector. It has the responsibility to provide high quality public service and secure employment.

Gheorghe Capatana, General Secretary of Milenium III: The cooperation between our unions will ensure that collective agreements are respected by Enel in Romania.

Bruno Constantini, National Secretary of Flaei: We expect Enel to uphold the pay conditions and provide secure employment also in a long term.

Delia Nardone, National Secretary of FNLE: We will work together as the voice of workers in Enel. Enel is a company with high standard of corporate social responsibility and social dialogue.

Jan Willem Goudriaan, Deputy General Secretary - EPSU: It is another example of how Europe`s unions concretely work together to defend their members interest and give a voice to Europe`s energy workers.