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Third Party Violence at work report final

The role of social partners in preventing third-party violence and harassment at work

(15 September 2023) HOSPEEM, EPSU, CEMR, CESI as co-applicants and ETF, ETNO, ETUCE, EUPAE, UITP as associated organisations have been provided with financial support from the European Commission for a joint project in the field of social dialogue: “The role of social partners in preventing third-party violence and harassment at work” in the years 2021 and 2023.

TPVH is a form of violence and harassment in the world of work, which is frequently defined as an occupational safety and health issue. The Multi-Sectoral Guidelines define third-party violence and harassment (TPVH) as violence and harassment that occurs at the workplace, in the public space or in a private environment that is work related. TPVH involves physical, psychological, verbal and/or sexual forms of violence, that can be one-off incidents or more systematic patterns of behaviour, by an individual or group, ranging from cases of disrespect to more serious threats, sexual violence and physical assault, and cyber-harassment.

Research report TPVH 2023

The final research report provides an overview of data on TPVH, including data from the project’s own survey across six sectors, legal frameworks related to TPVH, 55 examples of good practice from six sectors and across different themes, conclusions and recommendations for the updating of the Multi-Sectoral Guidelines.

The full research report by Jane Pillinger is available here in EN/FR/DE/ES/IT/RO

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