Italy - public service employees' contract renewal: eight-hour strike in October

During a meeting between the three confederations and their respective trade union categories, Cgil, Cisl and Uil have called for an eight-hour strike in the public services and school sectors.
The Industrial action will be articulated according to category and territory and spread out over a number of days throughout the month of October.

The protest concerns 690.000 Healthcare workers, 990.000 Education workers, 600.000 Local Government workers, 210.000 National Administration workers, 3.000 President's Cabinet workers, 60.000 semi-public sector workers, 65.000 revenue workers, 30.000 Fire-fighters, 120.000 Doctors and Veterinarians, 23.000 Medical, Local Government, Ministry Executives and Managers for a total of 2.791.000 to which must be added nearly 100 thousand Research and University workers.

The National General Secretary of FP/CGIL, Carlo Podda, reminded that “the contract has expired by a good nine months and that the strike and the demonstration held in May led to a ceremonious meeting at Palazzo Chigi that was to give way to a table of confrontation that, instead, never took off. At this point, mobilization, is inevitable. It will be a long and hard dispute"