Italy mobilises for better conditions in Early Childhood Education and Care

Demonstration in Roma, 15 April

(18 April 2024) Monday 15 April was a day of mobilization promoted by Fp CGIL, Italy,  raising awareness of the continued poor pay and working conditions of Italian Early Childhood Education and Care workers.

Colleagues from Fp CGIL reported that towns all across Italy joined in a day of mobilization with assemblies and initiatives, in Italian squares, that involved many workers in educational services from 0-6 years.

An estimated 73 children out of 100 remain unable to secure a place in educational services, thus penalizing both the children and their families.

Demands include the ongoing priority need to alleviate staff shortages with an Extraordinary Recruitment Plan with the hiring of educators on a permanent basis, along with improvements in working conditions (such as staff to child ratios) and additional investments in staff training and career development.

In order to make early childhood care and educational work attractive again, it is imperative to invest in stable hiring, in salaries, and to support and revive the social role of those who perform a fundamental task for the futures of children the country.

ECEC work and workers must be recognised, valued and respected.