Italian energy company ENEL and unions reach agreement on European Works Council

{(12 November 2008)} The trade unions represented in the Special Negotiation Body and management reached an agreement on a European Works Council for the Italian energy company ENEL. The agreement includes: - two annual meetings of the EWC with preparation and debriefings meetings and based on 20 members - 4 meetings of the Steering Committee. It will consist of 5 representatives, one for each country. - 4 days of annual training - facilities for additional meetings of the Select Committee and EWC - possibilities for meetings in the case of circumstances such as the closure, relocation and merger of activities - definitions of information and consultation which reflect those of the position of ETUC and BusinessEurope concerning the revision of the EWC Directive - subjects for information and consultation that are apart of the usual, health and safety, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, environmental policies, transnational mobility of the Group employees, initial and professional training - secretarial support for the EWC - representation of the European Federations concerned such as EPSU as permanent observer. The agreement was signed by mr. Cioffe for ENEL corporate human resource and Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU Deputy General Secretary and the representatives of the SNB. The agreement is a "historic" moment for ENEL and the first European wide agreement reached between the trade unions represented in the SNB and management. The official signing of the agreement will take place 5 December 2008, Roma, Italy. ENEL is active in Italy, Spain (Endesa), Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania with minor interests in France and Greece. ENEL operates generation and distribution and is active in renewables, oil, coal, hydro and nuclear power plants. It employees more then 60.000 workers in Europe. ENEL also had a presence worldwide and including in Latin America. The last negotiating meeting that concluded the agreement took place 5 and 6 November 2008, Roma