It’s up to you ! 12 steps to a million signatures

(February 2007) EPSU PLAN OF ACTION for ETUC Petition for High Quality Public Services accessible to all

Collection of 1 million signatures!


Key message: Success of online petition needs clear political leadership.

The Petition needs to be prioritised for next 5 weeks. (19 February - 21 May).

EPSU secretariat needs to be able to coordinate between national affiliate international departments/ press offices/ web editors.

Key group: Trade Union WEB EDITORS/ EVENT Coordinators/ National Organisers


EPSU affiliates are urged to give strong political direction within their respective trade unions, in support of the ETUC Petition for Public Services,, by:

1. CIRCULATING the EPSU step by step guide (also attached in PDF format) to the public service petition’ to all internal networks;

2. Instructing all fulltime and representative staff to attach ’sign the messages to their individual e-mails (this action is probably the single most important action to take to ensure that there is accelerated collection of signatures. ;

3. Directing trade union webmasters to put the petition on affiliates website, ideally showing the link on every page of the website, as in the case on ETUC and EPSU, and also CCOO among affiliates (this action is essential for the petition to be visible in search engines);

4. To include stories and links to in ALL newsletters. What is important here is not the originality of the story, but the visible link contained within;

5. to spread the link of to regional and local levels of affiliated unions. This needs to be done in the viral way described above, but also with direct requests for actions linked to the petition;

6. to coordinate collection of signatures on paper;

7. to publish articles in union press at all levels (national, regional, local);

8. to link national events / campaigns on public services with the European petition campaign;

9. to feed the petition into national networks of political parties and groups, NGOs, civil society networks, public sector employers, organisations of cities and regions. For example the Social Platform of NGOs has endorsed the EPSU campaign and the ETUC Petition. The membership of the Social Platform of NGOs is available at this link. Trade Union leaders need to give political direction to ensure that the relevant NATIONAL members of the Social Platform are pursued and requested to contribute to the collection of signatures;

10. to solicit support of politicians ,especially mayors of cities, other personalities, and to inform EPSU secretariat so that the appropriate contacts can be made at EU level;

11. to regularly communicate results / achievements to the EPSU communication officer (, if possible with photo and background story for publication on the EPSU website;

12. EPSU affiliaes are to agree that EPSU collects at least 100.000 signatures for the petition.

The political context:

On 28 November, the ETUC launched its petition calling for One Million signatures in support of a framework directive for public services. The deadline set was the ETUC Congress on 21-24 May, in Seville, Spain.

Quite simply, the ETUC petition on public services must be a success and must be seen to be a success. In recent years EPSU has made two major advances in relation to public services;

1. We have succeeded in formulating a coherent EPSU policy on how the EU should respond to the challenge of ensuring high quality public services for all. We are of one voice in stating that a framework directive on public services is the way forward.

2. We have also succeeded, as EPSU, in ensuring that the ETUC publicly commits to a strong line on public services (see ETUC public services strategy, adopted on 18 October, 2006).

Having advanced the political argument, we now need to ensure that these two major advances, the ETUC commitment, and the push for a framework directive for public services, become mutually reinforcing. EPSU sees the ETUC petition on public services as an essential way to combine these elements.

The Petition can act as a motor for:

1. The EPSU campaign ‘Quality Public Services - Quality of Life’

2. The ETUC Congress itself, which will be held on 21-24, May, in Seville.

By following clear practical steps we can ensure that the petition reaches its aim, which ensures that the ETUC Congress will have a big success story to promote, and will make sure that that story is on public services.

The attached document is a clear step-by-step guide to ensuring that the online petition is a success. The guide should be digested and applied in each of the healed officers, regional and local offices of the EPSU trade union affiliate. The document should also be sent to all contacts (other trade unions, NGO’s, Politicians).

Every time the guide is distributed, it should be sent with a copy of the EPSU campaign document ‘quality public services - quality of life’ available here

Also the EPSU secretariat should be copied when each new contact is made.