Irish EPSU Affiliates call for YES vote on Lisbon- October 2


(1 September, Dublin) EPSU Irish affiliates CPSU and IMPACT have held a press conference calling for a Yes vote on the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish Union representatives stated that a Yes vote on 2 October would be a big step forward for workers rights. The Unions were part of the ‘Charter Group’, which is a collection of Irish Unions who have published a guide on the Lisbon Treaty and workers rights.

Blair Horan, General Secretary of CPSU, stated that workplace rights, including collective bargaining rights, would be strengthened by the Lisbon Treaty because it would establish the European Charter of Fundamental Rights as primary EU law for the first time. Shay Cody, IMPACT, deputy General Secretary, stated that the publication - Lisbon and your Rights at Work, - said that proper application of the treaty provisions would give a wide range of human and civil rights – including significant workplace rights – the same legal status as existing EU laws and treaties governing internal EU trade.

EPSU General Secretary, Carola Fischbach-Pyttel, stated that; “This leaflet expertly outlines why the Lisbon Treaty is a step forward for workers. A yes vote will give us a solid basis to work together for a stronger Social Europe."

The Group was established by a group of trade unionists and others to campaign for the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and the implementation of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights in Irish domestic law. Its Secretary is CPSU General Secretary Blair Horan and its vice chairs are Senator Ivana Bacik, IMPACT general secretary Peter McLoone, Communications Workers’ Union General Secretary Steve Fitzpatrick and INO Director of Social Policy Clare Tracey.

  • EPSU General Secretary Carola Fischbach-Pyttel and Irish Trade Union Leader Dave Begg pictured in spring 2007
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