Irish affiliated unions look forward to receive delegates EPSU Congress 2019

Preparatory meeting EPSU Congress 2019, Dublin, 27 September 2017

(28 September 2017) The Irish affiliates prepared a warm welcome to the EPSU Secretariat visiting Dublin to prepare Congress 2019. We met at an uplifting movement. After years of austerity, the unions reached an agreement last week that improves pay and conditions for workers. It ensures that unions have a say over issues of outsourcing. For the Irish unions it is a very particular moment as they have a succession of important 100 year celebrations from the Lock-Out in 1913, the Easter Uprising in 1916, to the Democratic Programme of the First Dail in 1919 and so on.

The EPSU General Secretary introduced the work leading up to Congress and the Executive Committee in November will consider the themes and focus. With the Irish affiliates we considered the preparations leading up to 4-7 June 2019. The Irish unions have set a high ambition making Congress a memorable event for all. They look forward to  welcome all delegates.  The EPSU secretariat looked at the venue (a beautiful historic conference hall), technical and logistic issues, accommodation, cultural possibilities and much more.

Leaders and staff of the Irish affiliates present came from IMPACT, SIPTU, CPSU, PSEU, INMO, AHCPS, ESU.  The meeting took place on 27 September 2017.

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