International support to Italian ENEL workers

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(22 February 2024) Filctem-CGIL, Flaei-CISL, and Uiltec-UIL are currently mobilising in protest of Enel Group’s decision to make unilateral changes in working hours arrangements, outsourcing operations on the electricity grid, and refusing to renew the remote work agreement.

Italian unions are jointly challenging the company's decision, negatively impacting job security and working conditions. ENEL is putting corporate debt reduction over workers' rights.

In response to the company's decision, Italian unions have announced plans for campaigns with the hashtags #EnelSmobilita #ilSindacatomobilita and organise a strike on 8 March.

Global union federations Public Service International (PSI) and IndustriALL Global Union; and European trade union federations EPSU and Industriall Europe sent a joint solidarity letter to Filctem-CGIL, Flaei-CISL and Uiltec-UIL, stating their full support to ENEL workers. They condemn ENEL's unilateral actions, which violate international agreements and undermine social dialogue mechanisms.

The letter urges ENEL management to act responsibly and engage in meaningful dialogue to address concerns.

Read the letter here.