International solidarity brings victory: Selma is free!

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(6 June 2023) 

The former co-chair of the SES Union from Turkey was released after almost one year in prison. An international trade union delegation including EPSU Senior Vice-President Françoise Geng was following the hearing.

(5 June 2023) The leaders and members of SES (Health and Social Care Workers Union of Turkey) have been on trial since May 2021. The former co-chair, Gönül Erden, had been released in March 2023. Today, Selma Atabey, the former co-chair and current woman secretary, was released after almost one year in prison.

After the hearing, EPSU Senior Vice-President Françoise Geng (CGT Santé, France) commented on the hearing, highlighting that while it is a positive step that they will not stay in prison, the decision is not fair because both will remain under house arrest. Geng says “We’ll continue to stand together with our comrades until all the charges are dropped and the persecution of trade unionists ends. Our comrades will always find EPSU’s solidarity when they face criminalisation of trade unionists in Turkey or elsewhere.”

A number of comrades from Public Service International PSI, CGT Sante (France), ST (SE), NEU (The UK), UCU (The UK), UNISON (The UK), as well as the EPSU Senior Vice-President, were following the hearing. The next hearing will be held on 2 October.