Internal Market for Electricity and Gas - Evaluation - 300.000 jobs lost

The Directives on the internal market for electricity and gas call on the Commission to evaluate the experience of the opening of the electricity and gas markets, and to present a report to the European Parliament early 2006. The European Commission has approached all stakeholders including EPSU for their evaluation and views. To contribute to this, EPSU had commissioned Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) of the University of Greenwich to undertake this evaluation. The report was presented by Steve Thomas to the Standing Committee Utilities 7 October 2005. The report analysis the functioning of the internal market, and in particular the regional markets. It focuses on the Nordic and UK markets in particular as these are often seen as examples of well-functioning markets. It concludes that problems exists in all markets and concludes that competition in electricity will not work due to specific characteristics of electricity - social good and essential services, physical nature and economic rationale. The report also provides details of the impact of the internal market on jobs and working conditions. It revises upwards the findings of the 2001 study of EcoTec for the European Commission which saw 250.000 jobs being lost. New data put that figure on more then 300.000. The Standing Committee endorsed the study as part of the EPSU contribution to the discussion. - [The European Union Gas and Electricity Directives->art1519], by Steve Thomas, PSIRU, September 2005 - [Gli effetti della liberalizzazione del mercato elettrico in Italia->art1487], documento della Segreteria Nazionale FLAEI CISL redatto con la collaborazione dell'Ing Giuseppe Lo Verso {documento in Italiano} - {{[Gas industry liberalisation, restructuring and employment in the European Union->art1869]}}, May 2002 {(EN/FR/DE)}: this paper provides an overview of developments in the European gas industry. It was developed for a social dialogue conference with Eurogas in 2002.