Hungarian unions protest against unilateral changes in working time legislation, EPSU solidarity

Participants from VDSZSZ, KKDSZ, BDDSZ, HVDSZ2000 and VKDSZ EPSU Organising Seminar express solidarity with Hungarian unions, Budapest January 2019

(21 January 2019) Across Hungary trade unions protested against the introduction of changes in the working time legislation, Saturday 19 January. These changes were unilaterally imposed by the Orban government. The unions underlined their demands for higher pay and minimum wages. They also seek changes to the labour law that regulates strike action as currently the law makes it virtually impossible. Other demands concern changes to the pension scheme. EPSU affiliates were active in the actions. The EPSU General Secretary met affiliates to be briefed and to express his support. He joined with activists of affiliates and met non-affiliated unions active in the public sector.

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