Hungarian unions fight to protect jobs in EDF

(11 April 2012) The French multinational company EDF wants to dismissed 15% of its staff in its Hungarian subsidiary BERT. That company has made loses for the first time in 10 years, and due to interventions from the Hungarian government. EDF however has posted 3 billion Euros in profits for 2011. The Hungarian and other unions in EDF, including EPSU affiliate CGT-FNME have protested against this brutal attack. It is all workers which contribute to the profits of the company and the company has the possibilities and resources to assist BERT in a difficult moment. The situation is even more concerning as EDF has launched a major recruitment plan. (People Developement Program). The unions are arguing that EDF could have considered ensuring employment in the frame of intra-company mobility.

A Hungarian delegation will be visiting Paris, France, 12 April 2012. The Secretariat of the European Works Council will be meeting. The Hungarian delegation is demanding a meeting with central management and will be supported in this by other unions. EPSU has sent a letter to management asking the company to negotiate and find a solution.

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