Hungarian culture workers union KKDSZ says no to #TTIP

Hungarian_culture_workers no to TTIP

Hungarian culture workers union KKDSZ says no to #TTIP

(13 April 2015) The main topic was the dire situation for the workers in the sector at the 11th Congress of the Culture Workers Unions. The librarians, museum staff, theater workers and others have not seen a pay increase since 2008 and are not expected to get an increase for the next 2 years.

This group of workers belongs to the lowest paid workers. In Hungary the working poor are roughly one million working people – a quarter of the employed population. They are paid below the official minimum subsistence level.

EPSU has supported the demonstrations of the union and its members will continue the actions. Also social services and childcare workers have seen wages frozen and have many members that are working poor. The unions in these sectors have established a strike committee but because there are problems with the implementation of the strike law proposed by the government the unions are hindered in organising strikes.

The EPSU General Secretary spoke at the congress of the culture workers and used the occasion to meet with several unions as well as the president of the new confederation MAS (following the merger) and the out -going president of SZEF. There are active discussions about mergers and which include EPSU affiliates. The Culture Workers union supports the work to oppose CETA and TTIP.

The Congress and the meetings took place on 8-9 April 2015 in Budapest.