How can the EU tackle the staffing crisis in health and social care?

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(18 March 2024) New EPSU paper explores how EU OSH competencies can address staff shortages in health and social care.

Staff shortages are the most significant problem faced by the health and social care sector. Even before the pandemic, EPSU was underlining the gravity of the problem on both European and global levels. Our calls, along with the demands of other professional organisations, are increasingly being heard and there are a growing number of initiatives from policymakers to address the issue, from the WHO to the OECD and now the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

A new paper published by EPSU explores how the EU can address these staff shortages by using their competencies in occupational health and safety. Some recommendations look to the near future - such as the crucial role of the sectoral social partners for the hospital sector (HOSPEEM and EPSU) and their 2022 Framework of Action on Recruitment and Retention. The paper also looks for a long-term solution, launching an important discussion on the potential of using binding EU OSH regulations to address staff shortages.

Read the full paper here, including EPSU’s sixteen recommendations to tackle staff shortages in the health and social care sectors.

How the European Union can tackle the staffing crisis in health and social care - EPSU policy brief, March 2024