Health workers' action leads to progress on pay, bonuses and collective bargaining

photo protest 26 April 2018 Federatia Sanitas Romania

(9 May 2018) Action by health and social care workers on Monday 7 May helped lead to an agreement with the government on a number of trade union demands on pay and bonuses. Health union Sanitas organised a series of protests outside government ministries in March but stepped up the action with a national rally in Bucharest on 26 April and the warning strike. The positive outcome means that the union has called off its planned national one-day strike set for 11 May.

The agreement means that workers will be compensated for an increase in social contributions, so protecting their take-home pay and there will be a more flexible approach to proposed limits on bonuses. Importantly, there is also a commitment to continue negotiations on establishing collective agreements covering the health and social services sectors.

Along with the union's actions, EPSU wrote to the Romanian Prime Minister and the ministers of health, finance and labour calling on them to return to the negotiating table and resolve the dispute.


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