Health Care Assistants Network meet to address accurate job descriptions and staff shortages

EPSU Health Care Assistant network meeting

(3 April 2024)  On 26 March 2024, the EPSU network for Health Care Assistants (HCA) met online for the 5th time since its creation  to exchange on actions to date and information. 

The HCA colleagues first looked at learning development and career pathways.  This was followed by a discussion on task shifting which encouraged a comparison of HCA tasks and duties.  With such a diverse degree of tasks among the different participants, and a common issue of a lack of a clear definition of the tasks of the health care assistants, it was agreed that an accurate job description for an HCA is needed to ensure that their rights are respected.

Participants were updated on the on the draft wage comparison report currently being compiled, with the initial result showing, again, a great deal of diversity. It was decided that a cost-of-living comparison would be useful to be able to fully compare real wages.

The National HCA oversight body and its recommendations on health care sector that are being implemented was presented, along with the work that has been going on in Ireland on job specification and definition of HCA role.

As the network has not met in person since its inception, participants agreed an in- person meeting in Spain at the end of this year would be a positive and productive initiative to bring together previous years discussions and demand that the tasks HCA'S perform are recognised and valued.

Presentations can be found HERE (HCA)