Greek workers strike for a strong public health system

Health workers action in Greece EPSU affiliate ADEDY

(31 January 2022) Greek health workers from ADEDY are mobilising on Tuesday, 1 February in a Pan-Hellenic Day of Action for Health to highlight problems in the public health system.

The mobilisation calls for an urgent strengthening of the Greek national health system and the working conditions of health workers in Greece. Greece’s health service has been suffering for many years as a direct consequence of austerity measures imposed by the Troika following the last economic and financial crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the effects of continued underfunding – effects which must now be reversed.

The problems within the Greek public health system are unfortunately not unique. Across Europe, national health services have had to cope with significant understaffing, poor working conditions and staff on precarious contracts. Increases in quality employment are essential if the health service is to meet the normal demands of citizens as well as the extra burdens created by the pandemic.

EPSU stands with ADEDY and Greek health workers in their fight for a strong, resilient public health system. We also support their call for COVID-19 to be recognised as an occupational disease. Read EPSU’s solidarity letter here.