Greece - civil servants to strike on 21 October, protesting 2005 budget

EPSU is supporting Greek affiliate ADEDY in the following action:
Civil servants are to stage a 24-hour nationwide strike on October 21 to protest against the government's draft budget for 2005.
"The budget outlines tough austerity for working people and pensioners, new burdens from a rise in indirect taxes, and incentives for the financial establishment from the sale of public property," the ADEDY union said in a statement on Thursday.
"Working people and pensioners are going to have to pay up around 3.5 billion euros," the statement said.
ADEDY's board is to meet on October 25 to decide whether further industrial action will be taken. It will also seek an alliance with the country's largest umbrella union, the General Confederation of Employees of Greece, to stage more protests until the budget is voted in parliament, probably in the second half of December (source: ANA).