Global Day of Action Against Myanmar Military Regime

Solidarity Myanmar

The trade union movement is standing in solidarity with the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar as we go into the second year of the military power grab in the country.

PSI as part of the Council of Global Unions (CGU) works with the Myanmar confederation and democratic forces to recognise the National Unity Government (NUG) and reject the military junta credentials in all UN Bodies, particularly in the ILO. The unions and allies ask to allow establishment of NUG offices and provide refugees to political dissents. Economic sanctions must be  continued against the military junta and allow provisioning of humanitarian assistance in the borders.

According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), until 13 January 2023, a total of 2,734 people, including pro-democracy activists and other civilians, have been killed through military crackdowns following pro-democracy movements since the February 1, 2021 coup. Additionally, a total of 13,495 people are currently under detention of whom 2,057 are serving sentences.

EPSU extends its solidarity to the Myanmar unions.

  • Penny Clarke, EPSU Deputy General Secretary, and Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU General Secretary, stand in solidarity with the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar.