Getting to grips with digitalisation - fourth Congress briefing

Cover EPSU Congress 4th briefing digitalisation

(16 January 2019) Digitalisation has the potential to positively transform public ser­vices and the jobs of public service workers. Quicker and easi­er access to services and increased participation of citizens can be combined with better quality jobs as repetitive work is re­placed with more fulfilling tasks. Digitalisation has benefits but also poses risks and it is important for trade unions to deal with the potential downside.   This fourth briefing shows how by asserting their rights to informa­tion and consultation and using collective bargaining, trade unions can get the best from the digital transformation.

Further briefings will be published over the coming weeks and months We expect that they will assist in preparing delegates and others for the crucial debates we face.

Briefing 4: Getting to grips with digitalisation (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU)

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