Germany: warning strikes and negotiations for pay increase

verdi actions February 2023 photo by Kay Herschelmann

Photo by Kay Herschelmann

(16 February 2023) EPSU sent solidarity greetings for ver.di negotiations in federal and local government and for the warning strikes being organised to support those negotiations. EPSU fully support the demands for a 10.5% pay increase with a minimum increase of €500 a month.

It is a major disappointment to see that the employers have so far failed to come up with an offer and it is clear that warning strikes will be needed to make progress in the negotiations.

We note that the airport strikes tomorrow include staff covered by the federal and local government agreement but also other airport workers covered by other agreements. Success to all and we hope that the action delivers on all fronts.

Municipal workers are also on strike in the Netherlands and central government workers in the UK, along with many others across the public services. We look forward to positive results there and in the other negotiations taking place across Europe.

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