German firefighters help rescue working time directive

{(17 December, 2008, Strasbourg)} EPSU affiliate Ver.di played a major part in mobilising both workers and MEPs on the working time directive. The President of Ver.di´s firefighters' section, Wolfgang Thurner, sent a letter (attached) to all Members of Parliament urging them to understand the health and safety consequences of a weak directive. In addition, the firefighters were perhaps the most visible of demonstators on the eve of the vote - see video attached. EPSU local government political officer, Penny clarke, stated that: "{{The positive [result today->art4371] is one that Europe's firefighters strongly endorse. This is a very good day for workers in the emergency services".}} The decision of Parliament to define on-call work in the workplace as working time, allows firefighters scope to plan their working week without having a detrimental effect on their own health and safety or that of those they are helping.