General Strike in Belgium 13 February 2019 – EPSU solidarity

Strike Belgium 13 February 2019

(12 February 2019) EPSU affiliates in the public, non-for profit and private sector are on strike in Belgium, 13 February. The workers and our unions are fighting for a decent pay increase now profits are high, the economy is doing well and corporate taxes have been reduced. Several rounds of negotiations have not produced any results as employers have failed to respond to union demands. Workers need respect and not crumbs. The aims of the strike include:

  • A significant pay increase and reform of the wage law;
  • An increase in minimum wages
  • A salary for young workers that allows them to start earning a decent living.
  • Addressing stress and workloads, to reduce precarious contracts and a better balance between family and professional life.
  • A decent pension
  • Ensuring end of career measures
  • An increase of benefits to 10% above the poverty level
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Strengthening public services and improving the pay and conditions of public service workers;
  • Strong social security system
  • Tax justice, with the wealthy, rich and large corporations contributing most.

Many services (airports, trains and other public transport…) will be severely disrupted. Staff of EPSU in Brussels, workers under Belgian law and collective agreements, will join the strike.

As EPSU we share the demands of the Belgian unions and we wish them much success.

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