Future of skills and jobs in Europe's electricity sector - Conference Workshop

15 November 2012, 10:00 – 16:30

ETF, 105 rue du Marché aux Herbes, 1000 Brussels

We herewith invite you to participate in the Conference workshop on the Future of jobs and skills in the European electricity sector organized by the European social partners for the electricity sector and supported by the European Commission. It will take place on 15 November 2012, in the European Transport Workers Federation, 105 rue du Marché aux Herbes, 1000 Brussels.

The social partners in the European electricity sector (Eurelectric for the employers/ companies and EPSU/ IndustriAll for the trade union side) are concerned by a number of changes taking place in the European electricity sector which raise important challenges for the sector’s future development, particularly in terms of employment, human resources and skills development. In order to better understand the precise nature of these evolution and developments, we have started to map the bodies at national level whose work is related to skills, competencies, qualifications and labour market research in relation to the electricity (and energy) sector.

The aim of the meeting is to present the results of the research, the proposals of the European Commission regarding Sector Skill Councils (at EU level), and to discuss with you and your colleagues the benefits of European level exchange of information and cooperation between the different organisations and institutions in the Member States of the EU. We are approaching several organisations to present their work to us. In several other EU sectors this has resulted in the establishment of socalled skill council. We will have speakers from these sectors to share their experience with us. We expect a lively and topical debate. And we will have representatives of the European Commission to indicate in which way they can support this work. If you are able to attend this first meeting please fill in the attach participation form. This conference will bring together the social partners in the electricity sector of the EU member states and selected organisations.

Presentations will be made on:

- The future of European energy policy (Europe’s energy roadmap 2050, representative of DG Energy)
- Europe’s labour market, skills and competencies (representative of DG Social Affairs and Employment)
- Overview of the research and interested organisations (research ConsultingEurope)
- National examples of the work of vocational education and training bodies
- Examples of other European sectors that have made progresss to establish a European sector skill council
- Discussion with the European Commission on the practical step, organization and finance.

Interpretation will be provided in: to and from English, French, German and Spanish (active); the possibility to speak in but not listen to Italian and Czech (passive) will also be available.

To register please fill in the attached participation form. We have a limited number of financial reimbursements available. Please inform us if you require financial assistance to attend. Contact: cboeckx@epsu.org, tel. + 32 2 250 10 83. The project has received financial support from the European Commission, DG Employment. The results of the conference/ workshop will be discussed at the plenary meeting of the social dialogue committee for the electricity sector taking place 16 November (social partners only).

We look forward to hear from you and welcome you at the conference workshop.

Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU

Emanuela Preiti, Eurelectric

Sylvain Lefebvre, IndustriAll

- Final report (December 2012 - EN/FR/DE)


- Energy Roadmap 2050, Livia Vasakova, Economic Analyst,Unit A1 Directorate General for Energy, European Commission

- Presentations from ConsultingEuropa, Maud Stephan

- Presentation from Opleiding & Ontwikkelings Fonds Energie en Nutsbedrijven, NL, Marc Donckers

- Presentation from Estonian Qualifications Authority, Kutsekoda, Mare Johandi

- Presentation Energy & Utility Skills, head of research, Robert Murphy

- Presentation EU TCL Skills Council, Federico Brugnoli

- Presentation EURELECTRIC, Charlotte Renaud